Antique German Candy Container of Chick With Red Polka Dotted Bandana (Ca. 1900-on)

Papier mache chick wearing light blue pants and red polka dotted bandana
In excellent condition, with no missing parts and fabulous paint (98% paint)


Mickey Mouse Watch (Ca. 1930s)

Mickey Mouse pocket watch by Ingersoll with original fob, in working condition
Great graphics
Fun to see the running Mickeys as the seconds go by


Antique German Chick Candy Container (Ca. 1900 – on)

Papier mache chick with glass eyes coming out of an egg on a cardboard base
Condition of candy container is near mint with no missing paint
Marked on bottom “Made in Germany”
Size: 4 3/4″ tall by 2 1/2″ wide


German Devil Candy Container (20th Century)

In mint condition
5″ tall and 4″ wide


Cast Iron Hubley Chrysler Airflow (Ca. 1936)

Take apart body, all original, no missing parts
Excellent condition, 97% paint, one cracked wooden hub
4 1/2″ long


Cast Iron Hubley Racer No. 5 (Ca. 1930)

9 3/8″ long, with early wheels, no missing parts
Raise the hood to see the motor
Painted, nickeled iron, and aluminum, 96% paint
Excellent condition


Cast Iron Hubley Studebaker Sedan (Ca. 1930)

All original in near mint condition made of separate cast pieces, some painted and some nickel plated, 99% paint
All original white rubber tires with wooden hubs
5″ long


Loetz Glass Vase (20th century)

In excellent condition with one small flea bite on rim
4″ tall and 3 3/4″ wide