German Kestner All Bisque #150 Doll

11″ tall: unusually large example

Mold number 150

All perfect except for one tiny chip at the top of her right thigh

Jointed at the shoulders and the hips

Open mouth with teeth, blue glass sleep eyes

See the last image for the clothing that came with her: white cotton drawers, white cotton petticoat, cream silk shirt, bronze silk jumper with embroidery

Antique straw hat is lace-lined and has a multi-colored silk trim

Wig is quality mohair replacement


Antique German Belton Doll With Bru Type Face (Ca. 1875 – on)

12 1/2″ tall with original wood and composition body
Head is perfect except slight chip behind right ear
Set brown paperweight glass eyes and newer blonde mohair wig
Dressed in lovely outfit consisting of: drawers, corset, petticoat, white cotton dress with lace trim, navy blue wool tam, and antique white leather shoes and socks


A M #323 Googly-Eyed Doll (Ca. 1911 – on)

German bisque head on composition body
Factory original, 7″ tall
Bisque is perfect with first out of mold look on a five piece composition body, sleep eyes, all in excellent condition


German All Bisque Doll by Kestner (Ca. 1890 – on)

Swivel Neck, Glass Eyes, and Yellow Boots

Marked on back of head:  208    5

Closed mouth, eyes used to sleep, now set, peg strung at shoulders and hips

Small chip at left arm stringing hole

5 1/4″ tall

Excellent condition with old silk dress, cotton pants, and underskirt


German Unusual Belton by unknown maker (Ca. 1880 – on)

10″ tall, fully jointed composition body, perfect bisque with set glass eyes and pierced ears
Newer blonde mohair wig, great clothing: cotton drawers, petticoat, ecru silk dress, and antique shoes and socks