German Kestner All Bisque #150 Doll

11″ tall: unusually large example

Mold number 150

All perfect except for one tiny chip at the top of her right thigh

Jointed at the shoulders and the hips

Open mouth with teeth, blue glass sleep eyes

See the last image for the clothing that came with her: white cotton drawers, white cotton petticoat, cream silk shirt, bronze silk jumper with embroidery

Antique straw hat is lace-lined and has a multi-colored silk trim

Wig is quality mohair replacement


14 kt Victorian Diamond Necklace – SOLD

Circa 1870-1880 fancy English drop necklace

Main piece measures 1 1/2″ with a drop of 3/4″ , total pendant 2 1/4″

The necklace has lots of movement and color with black enameling on parts of the pendant ( some loss of enameling on drop, not too noticeable)

Antique German Candy Container of Chick With Red Polka Dotted Bandana (Ca. 1900-on)

Papier mache chick wearing light blue pants and red polka dotted bandana
In excellent condition, with no missing parts and fabulous paint (98% paint)


Mickey Mouse Watch (Ca. 1930s)

Mickey Mouse pocket watch by Ingersoll with original fob, in working condition
Great graphics
Fun to see the running Mickeys as the seconds go by


Antique German Chick Candy Container (Ca. 1900 – on)

Papier mache chick with glass eyes coming out of an egg on a cardboard base
Condition of candy container is near mint with no missing paint
Marked on bottom “Made in Germany”
Size: 4 3/4″ tall by 2 1/2″ wide


Cast Iron Hubley Milk Cream Truck (Ca. 1930′s) – SOLD

In excellent condition, all original with no missing parts, 98% paint
Original white rubber tires with wooden hubs

Cast Iron Champion Motorcycle (Ca. 1930) – SOLD

Solo Policeman on molded cast iron motorcycle with white rubber tires
All original, with no missing parts, 98% paint, near mint
5″ long

German Candy Container of an Elephant (Ca. 1900-on) – SOLD

Unusual heavy papier mache elephant with glass eyes
Tusks made from possibly celluiod
Professional invisible repair to break on trunk
Excellent condition
3 1/2″ tall by 5 1/4″ wide

German Devil Candy Container (20th Century)

In mint condition
5″ tall and 4″ wide


Cast Iron Hubley Chrysler Airflow (Ca. 1936)

Take apart body, all original, no missing parts
Excellent condition, 97% paint, one cracked wooden hub
4 1/2″ long


Cast Iron Arcade DeSoto Sedan (1936) – SOLD

4″ long, in mint condition
All original

Cast Iron Hubley Racer No. 5 (Ca. 1930)

9 3/8″ long, with early wheels, no missing parts
Raise the hood to see the motor
Painted, nickeled iron, and aluminum, 96% paint
Excellent condition


Cast Iron Hubley Studebaker Sedan (Ca. 1930)

All original in near mint condition made of separate cast pieces, some painted and some nickel plated, 99% paint
All original white rubber tires with wooden hubs
5″ long


Loetz Glass Vase (20th century)

In excellent condition with one small flea bite on rim
4″ tall and 3 3/4″ wide


Victorian Sterling Silver Bracelet with Ball Design (Ca. 1860-on) – SOLD

English, no marks, has interesting ball design in the center of band
3/4″ wide, inside circumference of bracelet 6 1/4″

Victorian Sterling Silver Cuff bracelet with linear tab decoration – SOLD

English, with hallmarks
5/8″ wide, inside circumference 6 3/4″
Ca. 1870-on

Victorian Sterling Silver Wide Buckle Bracelet (Ca. 1870-on) – SOLD

English, no marks, unusual undecorated large buckle
Has a few wear dents commensurate with age of piece
1 1/8″ wide, inside circumference 6 1/2″

Victorian Sterling Silver Choker (Ca. 1880-on)

English, no marks, unusual wide choker design
7/8″ wide, 15″ long


Victorian Sterling Silver and Gold Basket Weave Bracelet

Engraved on inside “L.M.Strafford March 6, 1884″
1″ wide, 6 3/4″ inside circumference
English, all original with safety chain


Victorian French Rolled Gold Bracelet (Ca. 1870-on)

Widest parts 1 1/2″, other panels 1 1/4″ wide, 6 1/4″ inside circumference


Victorian Etruscan Revival Earrings (Ca. 1870-on)

English, 12-14kt
From top of shepherd’s hook to bottom of large ball 1 5/8″
Unusual knot between balls, missing some applied cording


Pair of Folk Art Black Figures (Ca. 1970)

Unusual pair of black folk figures, carved and painted wood by anonymous American artist
One figure is 18″ tall stiff, with no jointing
The other figure is 20″ tall, jointed at the hips and knees, almost like a doll


George Williams Man and Woman (Ca. 1970)

Wooden pair carved and painted by George Williams
Excellent condition
Woman stands 20″ tall (including black wooden base)
Man stands 21 1/4″ tall (including black wooden base)


Folk Art Elvis (Contemporary)

Carved and hand painted by Herman Webb of NE Tennessee
Signed on bottom of right foot
14 1/4″ tall


Girl With Yellow Purse (Contemporary)

Carved and painted by Onis Woodard, Texas artist
23″ tall including wooden base


Pipe Stand (Ca. 1940′s)

American anonymous folk pipe stand wood carved and painted
7 1/2″ tall, base is 8″ x 5 1/2″


Folk Art Sculpture of Girl With A Ball (Early Twentieth Century)

Carved from wood and varnished, reminds one of paintings by Balthus
9 1/2″ tall including wooden base


Bikini Girl (Contemporary)

Carved and hand painted by Geneva Gibson Webb of Webb family of NE Tennessee
Signed on bottom of foot
17″ tall


Relief Wooden Carving of An Indian Head (Twentieth Century)

Hand carved and painted by anonymous American artist
5″ tall by 3 1/2″ wide


Pencil Drawing by Lee Goodie (Ca. 1970)

Wonderful folk art drawing by Chicago Artist Lee Goodie
Frontal view of a woman’s face with great detail of her clothing
Drawing measures 11″ x 16″
Mounted in frame 18 1/2″ x 20 1/2″


Silhouette of Woman in Chair with Painted Details (Ca. 1860 – 1870)

Folk art piece by anonymous artist of woman sitting in red and black chair
Nice painted detail of hands with book and fancy Victorian chair
Actual piece measures 4 1/4″ by 5″
Frame looks original but was probably part of a larger frame
Frame 5″ by 5 3/4″


Wood Carving of Female Nude

American folk art
4 1/2″ tall, small and delicate


Hunting Scene Watercolor (Early 20th century)

Framed 20 1/2″ x 25 1/2″, unframed 15 1/4″ x 20 1/4″


Hunting Scene Watercolor (Early 20th century)

Framed 20 1/2″ x 25 1/2″, unframed 15 1/4″ x 20 1/4″


Antique German Belton Doll With Bru Type Face (Ca. 1875 – on)

12 1/2″ tall with original wood and composition body
Head is perfect except slight chip behind right ear
Set brown paperweight glass eyes and newer blonde mohair wig
Dressed in lovely outfit consisting of: drawers, corset, petticoat, white cotton dress with lace trim, navy blue wool tam, and antique white leather shoes and socks


A M #323 Googly-Eyed Doll (Ca. 1911 – on)

German bisque head on composition body
Factory original, 7″ tall
Bisque is perfect with first out of mold look on a five piece composition body, sleep eyes, all in excellent condition


German All Bisque Doll by Kestner (Ca. 1890 – on)

Swivel Neck, Glass Eyes, and Yellow Boots

Marked on back of head:  208    5

Closed mouth, eyes used to sleep, now set, peg strung at shoulders and hips

Small chip at left arm stringing hole

5 1/4″ tall

Excellent condition with old silk dress, cotton pants, and underskirt


German Unusual Belton by unknown maker (Ca. 1880 – on)

10″ tall, fully jointed composition body, perfect bisque with set glass eyes and pierced ears
Newer blonde mohair wig, great clothing: cotton drawers, petticoat, ecru silk dress, and antique shoes and socks


Miniature of Woman in White with White cap (Ca. 1830) – SOLD

Well painted miniature of woman in white dress with white cap
Watercolor on ivory by unknown artist, probably American
Nice detail painting of face and hair with good clothing details
In original brass frame
Piece measures 3″ by 3/8″

French Miniature of Young Man With Hair Frame (Ca. 1780 – 1790)

Watercolor on ivory by unknown artist
Very finely painted with lots of detail
In the original brass frame with hair edging
Measures 1 5/8″ by 2 1/8″
Back compartment is empty


Miniature of Young Woman in White Dress (Ca. 1830) – SOLD

Watercolor on ivory wafer by unknown artist, probably American
Nice detail to hair with well painted face
Vague indication of landscape behind figure
In original black wooden frame
With frame: 4 5/8″ x 6″
Actual ivory miniature: 3 1/8″ by 4 3/8″

Miniature of Gentleman in Black Jacket (Ca. 1810)

Portrait of gentleman in black jacket, white stock and red vest
Watercolor on ivory by unknown artist, probably English
In original black wood frame
Image size 2 1/4″ x 1 7/8″
Framed size 4 3/4″ x 4 1/4″


Portrait of a young lady in a blue dress (20th Century)

Oil on canvas
Image size 9 3/4″ x 12″
Framed size 14″ x 16 1/4″
Contemporary frame, finely painted, excellent condition


Portrait of Husband and Wife (19th Century)

From Belgium or France
Oil on canvas
Both paintings have been relined, some inpainting in background
Fine craquelure, finely painted
Image size 12″ x 16″
Frame size 14 1/2″ x 19 1/2″

$1400 (for the pair)

“Castle,” Sandpaper Drawing (Early 19th Century)

Image size 15″ x 19″
Framed size 23 3/4″ x 28″


Birches With Running Brook (Ca. Late Nineteenth – Early Twentieth Century)

Signed W. Merit, excellent condition
Framed 27″ x 23″, unframed 24″ x 20″


“Portrait with Scissors and Nightclub” by David Sallee (1987)

Color wood block print
Signed and dated
Image size 18″ x 23 1/2″
Frame size 29″ x 34″


“Paris Review 35th Anniversary” by Terry Winters (1988)

Color Lithograph
Initialed upper left corner
Image size 38 1/2″ x 27″
Framed size 46 1/2″ x 33 1/2″